1st Build : Trampa urban caver , 12s4p , Dual torque boards 6380 motors , Focbox Unity, Unik Mounts , EBoosted enclosure

Im starting a trampa build for NYC


Trampa Street carver Ultimat Trucks Superstars 6.5 inch wheels FocBox Unity @onloop Nano-X 6380 motors @torqueboards Carver enclosure @Eboosted 12s4p pack
yellow dampas Unik Trampa Mounts @okp Unik 66t trampa drivers 14t motor pulleys

I think thats all

Pictures soon

What do you think of the parts, am I forgetting anything?


Looks cool. And yes you are definitely forgetting something and no one here can help with that because we all always forget something. It will be the small little gidget that is out of stock everywhere too. Oh and pics or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yes, belts :yum:

helmet gloves,arm, leg protection loctite charger and charge port and BMS (if not in the battery included) fuse if not discharge bms gasket for enclosure sealing damping material for inside of the enclosure silicone hot glue a good remote screws to mount the motors battery indicatior (if needed) cable ties cable protection heatshrink solder iron and solder to change the bullet connectors on your motors


You are missing everything you didn’t think of :joy:

Tust me. Little things will come up and its gonna be annoying especially in the holiday period when half the shit is closed most of the time.

yep I forgot to write it, I have them 405’s I think.

Thanks, I have the charger, bms, and port. Silicone for waterproofing?

Yes for waterproof and a lot of other things. Silicon always good to have :sweat_smile:

tools and materials to make the battery pack if you dont buy it pre made :slight_smile: