1st DIY | Caliber Trucks | 6374 190kv | 10S Lipo | 83mm Evolve GT Wheels | FOCBOX

Hey guys, long time lurker, just recently became active as I started piecing together parts for my first DIY electric longboard. I work about 4 miles from the last Metro train stop so I needed something that could get me that last extra miles without needing to take the bus. I know this is how the Boosted board is advertised as doing but I wanted to go the DIY route. I’ve been into RC for decades now. Flying planes, then moving over to helis, and lastly multirotors and FPV. Lipo/Lion technology, Brushless motor specs and gearing ratios, ESC… none of this is new to me and was very easy to adapt what I already know. Anyways…enough of the boring stuff, now on to the build.

Because this was a first build, I wanted to build something simple but still use quality parts. I also wanted to go with Lipos because I already have the chargers and dont have access to a spot welder (yet). The torque on the 6374 is scary and the board is a blast to ride. Best I’ve done is about 10 miles with a mix of hard throttle and light cruising on mostly flats. The hardest part of this build was the enclosure. I spent the most time on this build planning on making a 3D printed enclosure. Then ditched that idea and looked into ABS forming. That was a mess…but in the end I settled on getting something custom made which was the best idea ever. Shameless plug but, @psychotiller was great to work with and he made me exactly what I needed.

Here’s a breakdown of what I used:

40" X 9.5" BAMBOO DROP THROUGH BLANK DECK Caliber II Longboard Trucks - Satin Purple 50 EVOLVE GT STREET WHEELS BLACK (83MM, 76A) 6374 190KV [FOCBOX] (http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/vesc-x-programmable-brushless-motor-controller/) (FOC mode) @korryh motor mount @Idea Flywheel 36T pulley (15t motor pulley) (15mm belt) 2 x 5000mah 5S (10S) @psychotiller Custom enclosure XT90 Anti-spark Loopkey GT2B in 3D printed Enclosure Metr app with Bluetooth


Right on! How’s the ride?

Nice build dude! I’m wrapping up the same build practically except with 5x 2s with BMS.

Ride is smooth with the 76a wheels. Got the trucks dialed in to my taste. Just got back from a ride from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills. Got a decent charge riding the brakes down Fairfax which is mostly downhilk. Regenerative braking is awesome!

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