1st system=> Q's about BMS Motors and Electric setup

Hi all! So I’ve caught the E-Longboard fever, and I’ve made 80% of the purchases already made: 4X51P 5000mah, 2 VESC’s, Mechanics+brackets and a complete board.

As you’ve notice the motors are still a dilemma, although I think 6355 are fine cause of the dual setup, I don’t know which brand to choose: Alien \ cheap aliexpress \ Maytech? any other suggestions, and what are the differences? If my gear ratio is 3 do I have enough power (2400W each) for 230KV?

The electrical setup is two 5S in series for 10S heaven, so two of those for each motor, but wait, do I conjoin them just before the ESC’s with a ‘dual Y’ connection? or use them as a separate systems only connected in the signal path (master-slave)?

Moving on to the charging part- I want all them batteries to charge simultaneously, then comes BMS and a power brick. Can I connect all the 20 cells to the balanced lid at the BMS and to the power brick?

That’s enough for 1st post, help is much appreciated!

I’ll answer some of the questions…

It’s recommended to run 190-200 kv with a 10-12S setup; you might be okay with the larger kv motor but you’ll probably have to reduce the eRPMs.

Yup, connect the VESCs in parallel to the battery.