1st time build help? (Looking to upgrade from dual hub)

So after a while of owning an Ownboard W1S - 30Q Battery, I am looking to upgrade due to ride comfort, upgradability options etc. Have a budget of ~$700

Here is what I am looking for in a build:

Clean design ~24mph ~15 Miles/25 Kilometers range Charging port A way to see how much battery is left on the board

Was thinking of some type of single drive 6374, 15mm Belt, with a Samsung 30Q battery (For Less voltage sag).

Also would it be possible to get a hobbywing ESC or equivalent? I like how easy it is to control braking and accelerating on the Ownboard (Even though the braking does take quite a bit). Thanks!

For 700 you can and should get a vesc. 10s 3 or 4p. Look for a focbox here for roughly $100. Focbox singles are available used. People on here hoard them so don’t worry that you can’t find one on a site Hibbywing ESC will fail

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Would it be possible to get settings onto the VESC that produce similar smoothness when accelerating/braking?

Yes its certainly possible.

You can either achieve it through a ratio of your components (e.g: a perfect blend between amperage, gear ratio and wheel size), or it can be done via software (e.g.: throttle curve, non-official firmware that changes the behavior of the throttle, or even though different control modes - Watt control, PPM, Bluetooth, etc)

the important thing to remember is that it might take more time to customize and get ‘perfect’, and there are specific procedures to follow when updating firmware, connecting VESCs etc. I’m fairly certain that in the end you will end up with a significantly better method of controlling your board, its all about how much effort you are willing to put in.

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Yeah that’s fine, I like the idea of being able to customize it more to my preferences aswell. Would also be interesting learning how to do all this stuff.

Just read example builds and base yours on those. Post your components and plans and people here can tell you if it’s a good idea

Yeah thats a good idea

VESC is open source, most everything else is closed source (with a few exceptions). This means it’s the one of the most cusomizable esc’s on the market.

You will understand how much better it is when you ride one. it’s night and day!