1x like new MEEPO board and 1x like new TEEMO board

I have two boards, fully working only ridden about 10 miles. They have been collecting dust for about 8 months now so I need to sell them. $219 each or make me an offer. IMG_20190402_131935 IMG_20190402_131928 IMG_20190402_131921

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Your location?

West Seattle

@b264 You know what they say the more the merrier this would work well as a total backup. (For the ridicule of my suggestion please use pm lol)

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What meepo version is this?

Based on the remote I’d say the meepo 1.5 or lower

1.5. Make offers.Capture

Right but its an early version 1.5. So choppeir ESC, smaller remote, what battery does it have? It could be 22p.

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The MEEPO is sold. I still have the TEEMO. It’s the same thing, really. But the TEEMO is a good amount faster. Make offers.

I can say the teemo is a great board, I personally have one and it’s a lot of fun, don’t miss out on this great deal

Bump. SOmeone buy the teemo

Do you have a photo of the bottom so I can see the enclosure? What size battery is in it? What cells?

It’s your usual meepo board, it’s samsung cells 22r I think, I have one and it’s prrt damn fun for the price


This means nothing. That’s like saying “It’s a Ford car”

Ford makes Mustang and Focus and everything in-between. Even a 1978 Pinto is “a Ford car”.

Samsung makes some great cells and some much-less-great cells.

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Was just about to edit

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25r 10s 2p. usually and Brian between you and joker you’re going to give this kid a complex. lol


One or the other


All the China companies say that like it means something. It’s starting to get annoying. Now they have people believing them and repeating it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh yeah, did you get those shred lights @b264?


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