1x SurfRodz rkp, Abec F1's & 192kv sensored SK3 all used-great condition

These parts have served me well! but now I don’t need them. So here’s what’s up:

  1. One SR 45 deg. 200mm RKP truck. This truck is virtually new-ish, bought it from @Deckoz a while back, put <50 miles on it, and replaced it with a matching set of Pink & Blue trucks. I have 70mm 80mm and 100mm axles for them and spacers. I’d be happy to throw in some riptide bushings, I have 1 each of 90, 93 and 96 duro krank barrels SOLD Trying to get $70 for the truck, bushings and axles (plus shipping) 20190119_024404 20190119_024411

  2. Used Evolve F1 set. Three or four smallish chunks, the two largest ones were repaired by superglue as per the @Deckoz method. Hubs are in good shape, bearings seat nice and tight, Nothing wrong with them at all!!

$60 + shipping! The third picture was before I cleaned them :sweat_smile:

20190119_024508 20190119_024652 20190119_024710 20190120_030313

  1. A 192Kv sensored SK3 motor. This motor was on my board for about a year IIRC, but it is in nearly perfect shape. It spins as if it were brand new even though it has seen hundreds of miles. I don’t know how it’s possible lol. Zero vibrational noise, this motor is rock solid. Only motor I’ve had that is so impressively well made, these are virtually maintenance free

I believe that the (silicone) phase leads are about 14cm and the sensor wires are quite a bit longer. I would be happy to trim the sensor wires to whatever length requested, just let me know!

Despite the unbelievable shape this motor is in, it has too many miles on it for me to feel honest asking more than $60+ shipping.

20190119_024736 20190119_024750 20190119_024811 I’m gonna re-inspect the motor and wheels tonight after work to make sure they are fairly represented in asking price. I’ll update here when I can!! Cheers

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deals :sob:


You aren’t kidding…

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@PatRocks how much for the 70mm axles+spacers?

You want the trucks? I don’t have enough spacers to sell them separately, but if you need the axles I have plenty of 70mm’s. I can send you some axles!

Send me your dog


What will the motor cost if shipped to the netherlands?

Throw-in on cloning him and you can have a copy lol.



I have no way of knowing, sorry. Probably a lot

Ah thats a bummer

Could you estimate just 2x 70mm axles to Iceland?

Pm me an address and I’ll see what I can find out

What breed is it?

He’s a shepherd mix, i think… he’s a rescue, believe it or not!

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Surf rodz sold! Wheels sold!!


I’ll take the motor!

EDIT it’s bara’s motor, right?

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Sweet!! Shoot me a pm! Lolz I meant to tag you in the op @deucesdown , but I spaced.

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Yes it is from bara! Such an amazing motor!! Is this your first?

This will be number 2. Number 1 is waiting for some VTC5As from silaczdotoalet from Poland. Grr he said 6-10 weeks! It’s been over a month.

Tesseract bigben box 1 x 6374 nowind ronin mount 13s3p VTC5A I hope it can carry my fat ass!

Your motor will be backup, unless I find something nasty to do with them as a pair first.


That sucks!! Wtf?? Nice that you have one to match! Only reason I took it off my board is vanity lol. Now I match, but miss the silver :sob:. I’m all over the place emotionally

Edit: and shallow

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