2.3:1 Gear Ratio, large 170kw motor, Can I still get some torque?


I’ve been reading for some time and I think I know what I need, but please correct me if I think wrong.

My goal: boosted board’ish torque and speed (about 35km/h) Im 75kg and there are no hills where I live.

I made a mistake when I bought a chain system with 2:1 ratio. With a smaller sprocket I can get the ratio to 2.32:1 and according to these calculations (http://prntscr.com/h05aqs), I should be good with 170kv (6355) motor, max 3510W, and 36V Li-ion battery. Im using 83mm wheels.

My only question is, will I still get a decent torque? Or do I drop this chain system and go for belts with better gear ratio?

Is this a single drive or dual? With a single 6355 its kind of hard to get good torque without sacrificing a lot of top speed.

One time my belt came loose on my dual setup and i was running on a single 6355 270 kv with 3:1 ratio and I can say its not anywhere near boosted torque. With a dual setup you might be able to get on par with that.

I was thinking about single drive. But yeah, I was wrong thinking that I can get the same performance with a single motor. So 2x 6355 170kw motors would be sufficient? If I go for 2 motors, I need 2x VESC’s and 2x the battery as well, correct?

That should be better, but if you want to cut costs, You could go single 6374 high kv and high gearing ratio, that should get you decent speed and snappy acceleration (assuming you are really 75 kgs :joy: and no hills)

You don’t need 2x the battery for a dual drive.

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What’s so funny…? :smiley: I do a lot of running and biking. :smiley:

Took a look at some motors and it looks like single motor setup will be much, much cheaper.

Just kidding, don’t see many light riders around.

Yeah, it halves the electronics which cost a lot.

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Here’s a motor you could use, I haven’t tried it but it is being sold by @dickyho

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