2.4Ghz Nano Remote SOLD OUT


Looking for smaller and more comfortable remote i found a nice option to the already good remotes available on the market.

This is a hobbytech mini remote and here are some of the features of this remote :

2.4Ghz Frequency 2 Channels ( nice to pair with receiver controlled on/off switch for lights or horn) it comes with a 3.7V 500mAh battery and USB charging port Wrist Strap receiver


i’ve been testing it for 3 days now and have like 80 miles on it. so far it have been reliable no issues at all. even in wifi and cell phone tower crowded area ( midtown NYC) and a lot of other electromagnetic interference.

about the finish and feel. the construction feel sturdy and the finish is aesthetically decent, the best part is that it fit nice in the hand and the pocket, it will take a little getting use to it because is a thumb wheel remote.

it comes with surprisingly good instruction a binding cable and a receiver.

Sale Price $55.00 Free shipping in the continental USA. Limited Availability. if interested PM please
here are some pictures


I’m interested. I’ve been seeing these and thinking about picking one up. Are you regularly in midtown? My office in the Flatiron.

Nice I am at the BX. but go to midtown regularly. i can drop by. ill take any excuse to do a long ride :slight_smile:

@Kaly So, are you selling this one used, or are you selling other new ones that you have? I do like the size and form. I thought they were bigger from other pics I’d seen.

I am selling this ones new

Ordered. If it’s good enough for @Kaly it’s good enough for me :ok_hand:

Cool! PM’d ya

i’m guessing these are gonna sell out fast

Money sent!

whoever chose that font for the logo must be crazy. I saw these on aliexpress as well a couple of weeks ago and am trying to figure out if it really says “winning” since then. Google does not show any results for a “winning” remote :disappointed:

It says winning just hard to distinguish :slight_smile:

See me on the front cover of the magazine. Winning. Sheen - Skepta ft. Pharrell “Numbers”

Money sent! Cant wait for this thing! :grin:

how is the trigger? also as sensitive as the remote on the left in image 7650???

The throttle is sensitive like any other remote. The difference is the use of the thumb to operate it.

It has a throttle trimmer and besides you can change some of the settings on your ESC ( timing - brake force - punch ) to make it work just like you wish.

Something to have in mind is that it will take some ajustment from the user because it’s a different way to operate it, to hold it. In short a different way to do the same, it may be more confortable for some and not for others.

Hello everybody Can you please add your @name as a note on the PayPal transaction in order to have control of who is who. For shipping purposes and tracking number info.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Kaly can you post a pic of the receiver whenever you have a chance?

Any chances of a closeup pic of the PCB. I would like to see what microcontroller is being used.

That is the one, thank you @Jinra :thumbsup: