2.4Ghz Nano Remote SOLD OUT

i just bought this one


Pairing is the same as the winning remote. Just connect the esc to ch 3 on the reciever.

okay I am going to buy that one because there’s free shipping on amazon for that one

okay thank you

Sorry I just saw your post. On the topic, I don’t know what could have happen to the receiver.

Soldered an antenna extension onto the pcb antenna on both the remote and receiver (no pics on receiver). Hopefully this will stop the stuck throttle/no response issue I’ve been having.


I’m getting some wierd throttle issues as well. If i punch it then let go, the throttle keeps going for a second or two. Its a bit scary.

I have had that happen too. And every time I have encountered this issue it has always been remote. @Lizardking0069

I’ve been trying to remedy this issue since i got it and my latest attempt (above) still doesn’t solve it. I’m to scared to ride full speed due to how unreliable the controller is. I’m not sure if it’s the remote or the receiver, but my money is on the remote.

You said you’re using the gt2b recovery right? If you’re still having these issues, then it just be the remote. I have the exact same problem. The remote will get "stuck"when throttling, or not respond to braking then suddenly kick in and almost send me flying forwards. For the next few seconds the remote will be sporadic. No idea why this is.

I might have to pick up a new remote

I’m a little concerned as I just placed an order for two. I may need to cancel it if this issue is not resolved.

I’m going to try it with a regular rc car controller to see if the issue persists. I ordered a nunchuck as well.

I have a benchwheel remote which I’m going to try switching to later.

Everybody has the throttle issue or is it working correctly for some dudes ?

Is there a capacitor anywhere on this thing? The GT2B PCB has 2. I guess they couldn’t fit any inside?

i don’t think so, definitely no electrolytic caps. does the gt2b have them?

I don’t think my benchwheel remote has them either, but it runs great

Yeah the GT2B has a few.


Hm, I can double check again when I get home, but yea, I don’t recall seeing any.

Do you still have any left?

Does anyone know if this thing has overcharge protection? Meaning- can I leave it plugged in and go to work?

Well thi remote have a Lipo battery so I don’t recommend doing that :wink:

It takes only 20 min