2.4Ghz Nano Remote SOLD OUT

@jinra @kaly thanks guys! #WINNING

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i just ordered one thanks @Kaly

The only downside of this controller is that suffers from interferences from speed cameras, I guess it’s on the same band of speed cameras RFs they are using here in London, UK. Even when fully charged, I pass near speed cameras and the signal hiccups a bit, 1 second ok, 1 second not, the only thing that helps is really getting the controller near to the board when It’s losing signal, also now I know where it happens so I prevent that, I guess it’s because the antenna is not extended like in the other RF receivers, they thought it was overkill but they didn’t think about interferences… but overall it’s very compact and it doesn’t looks like a gun! Recommended.


I have not encounter any drop issues so far but at the same time here in NYC we deal mostly with traffic light cameras, the city is making millions with those tickets.

@Kaly Is the 2nd channel button pinky activated? Do you know if it would be possible for someone to come up with a way to make it work as a steez button? Seems perfect for that application.

I’m sorry but I don’t know what is a steez button ? ? Plz let me know what is it :slight_smile:

You can use that button for a receiver controlled switch. One like this http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_67180__Turnigy_Receiver_Controlled_Switch_AR_Warehouse.html?strSearch=Receiver%20controlled%20on

@Kaly If I’m not mistaken, steez is the term thrown around here referring to a remote’s ability to maintain a throttle setting, by holding down a button like on the Nyko Kama Wii remote. It’s like cruise control, but maintains throttle position instead of speed, and disengages when the button is released. That pinky button looks like it would be perfect for that, if someone knew how to add that functionality.

That can be cool. I used to love that about the wiiceiver.

@Kaly interested to see how these mini remotes work out and if we can use the extra buttons. I also ordered a few from hobby tech awhile back but yet to get delivered. Coming with a few Maytech Steez and mini 2.4 receivers like torqueboardDIY and psychotiller seek, but from China. Still searching for a good small format remote that works in NYC reliably without dropouts or interference.

You would need to add an extra circuit to the remote that just resends the throttle value if the button is pressed, but thats lame & impractical.

If the vesc had an input for a second PWM input-signal that would enable cruise control if pressed, you could just plug the second channel in and you’d be done. But sadly, AFAIK this feature isn’t added to the VESC yet.

Hello Everybody I’m Discounting the remote to $ 45.00, still have like 10 more controllers if some other are interested

I will be refunding $10.00 to each one of you that supported this sale. Thank You.



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Would you ship to switzerland? :slight_smile:

Holy ___! You are the man! Might have to buy another one at this rate.

i’ll have to check at usps for the shipping charges

Ty, get back to me. Would PayPal be okay?

LOL thank you

I got this to help out the community with a smaller remote, besides just have a few more, So why not ;-). hope everybody like this remote until @JTAG do his project.

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paypal will be fine

I might get another one

lol you are welcome to order