2.4Ghz Remote Controls inverted?


I recently paired my 2.4Ghz Remote:

And I found that the throttle does not start when I want it to. The throttle is when I push the trigger away from the body, instead of when I pull it towards the remote body.

Has anyone delt with this before? How do I switch the throttle and brake so the throttle is when I pull towards the body instead of away?

I can’t see any settings in the vesc-tool for this.


You could swap the wires as they are soldered on the PCB.

I have a controller where the wheel was doing the throttle, not the trigger. Just swapped the “3-wires” for the wheel with the “3-wires” from the trigger.

haha dude you didn’t have to do that. your vesc was just plugged in to the wrong channel of the reciever


Haha… it was easy anyway.

Damn, that makes sense now. #rookiemistake

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