2.4Ghz thumb wheel remote control for builders

Hi guys, 2.4Ghz remote control with receiver, do you guys have any interest, link:


Hi Sally,

That looks like a good design! Do you have specifics on the features? I’m assuming the skateboard battery indicator and LED toggle don’t work for DIY.

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80.24 usd!!! You’re entirely crazy.


It is definitely more than i’d pay for a remote :joy:


50 usd. Correct it.

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Which ESC would it work with to get batt level reading?

Is it just the remote or does it come with an ESC?

Read the title


with our ESC. http://www.ebay.com.hk/itm/182834170874?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

Do you have specifications on that?

input voltage: 36v continuous current: 18AMP burst current: 25AMP battery connector: XT60 sensor: Yes size: 104mm*85mm

yes it is better with our esc for battery indicator and led toggle.

LOL!!! 18A continuous…

@winboard-sally thanks for sharing news of your offerings. Please keep all posts about your products in this thread. We monitor the board for spam. Thanks! :smile:

I would have bought one had you been mustang sally, hey @Michaelinvegas remember that stooge, same?

18 haha is it

@winboard-sally does the remote come with a receiver ? Or does it pair with your esc only.

If its your esc only. I suggest making a stand alone version with a micro ppm receiver and the LEDs on the side be the battery indicator for the remote (instead of the skateboard)

I’m sure I’m not the only one here that would like a thumb wheel style remote, as the thumb lever remotes available like the nano remote and nano-x (winning recasings) are clunky at best…(the injection molds are cheap)


I don’t think that it will come with a separate receiver as this is sold as a package. The first ebay offer displays the remote only. I assume this is nothing else than a replacement remote and hence useless for people who want to pair the thing with e.g. a VESC.

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Can you clarify this being for “builders” What exactly can it be used with other than your 18A ESC?