2 5s graphene lipos

Got 2 turnigy 5s graphene lipos. They are 6000mah, and image image image

You got the little enclosure still?

What enclosure?

It’s a plastic container

Most enclosures are lol

I just saw holes for wires and what looks like a lip for mounting it, its even got padding between battery and “container”. Looks like an enclosure to me.


I have a innovation for you image image

The container has 2 clips on the side that secure to the deck under the lid which I screwed into my board, works great

That could work really well for a short wheelbase kicktail deck

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It’s actually great, you just have to secure the lid to the deck really well

Hhmmm 2 batteries won’t get you very far but I suppose it will save weight…

You want them or are you just here to comment? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yea nah to small I run pairs 12000-18000-22000.good luck on selling them though

Someone in the drone world might buy them aswell

How much? 10char

150, sale pending

Sold to @Excess