2 broken motors + anti spark switch and more [EU] [Post on forum.esk8. news]


Might as well post this here.


This has got to stop :I This is becoming like spam, why don’t all the Chinese sellers just come here and drop a link to there boardo ah?

Here, next to no description take a look at my all new board with new trademark. how about you look at this new Chinese deck on Alibaba woohoo this is a free platform for me to spam with my ads.

Yo what is your problem dude.

From what I’ve understood half of the people went to the new forums and some people didn’t. I’m just trying to sell my stuff. All the information is in there if u click the link…


If you’re on the other forum don’t spam us with your shit,

We don’t have the endless sphere guys posting links to each product there selling and that’s nice.

So If you’re posting here have the decency to copy pase the info and allow people to PM you from this site.

Now i know that sounds a little harsh but I hope you get my point.

So you rather miss out on it then? …


@Gerrycorrado Would you like to miss out on this item?

Sales is business and marketing costs money. drooping links seems like a lazy way to boost sales and can be abused by other parties.

We have a guy selling second hand stuff, vs a company… sure sure sure sure sure…




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My bad no wounder why you didn’t get the reference.

Just lowered prices!

Bump to the top

anti spark…?

anti spark is gone sorry