2 Carvon Exo Pro pre-order FOR SALE

Hey everybody! Back again with a few Carvon Exo Pro preorders. A couple buyers backed out so here we go again.

I purchased five when the campaign was live with the intent of opening up a shop and being a reseller. Have since decided this was a little ambitious and China is impossible to compete with.

So here they are 2 Carvon exo pro models. Keeping one for myself but these 2 are for sale at well below retail. I have texted with Jerry and he has been very helpful with sending these boards out. I have already sold two and each was delivered within a couple weeks.

Great torque drive motors, landyahtz deck, and a 10s3p 30q cells. One of the beat completes on the market.

850 shipped OBO


Pictures are required please sir

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It’s a pre-order and I have opted to wait in the back of the line for my personal board so I have no personal pictures. @topcloud thanks for posting up a Pic!


Do you ship internationally? To Europe?

Also, the board is on sale for 999$.https://www.exoboards.com/store/p61/EXO_Pro.html For a 100$ more I can buy it from the official website. 900 is way too much


no international shipping. and the 900 includes domestic shipping. Board comes direct from Carvon.

This is the best deal you will find because they still come from carvon


Price drop 850.