2 custom built boards USA $1950USD each

[USA] Haya HB92 TorqueBoards DD 75kv Sanyo 20700b 12S4P MetrPro and Trampa Kaly drive, TB 6380 170KV, Sanyo 20700b, 12S4P, MetrPro. I will only ship in the USA. The lights are not being sold with the boards.

Item 1 **Haya HB92 TorqueBoards DD 75kv Unity Sanyo 20700b 12S4P MetrPro Gbombs. **: Price ($1950.00USD):

Item 2 Trampa Kaly drive TB 6380 170KV Unity 20700b 12S4P MetrPro: Price ($1950.00 USD):


Decided to keep them both. Iā€™m not interested in giving them away.

Can a mod please delete or close this for me please. Thank you so much.

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