2 (dual) focboxes for sale from EU

Hi guys, first of all love the community and esk8ting is growing so damn fast so keep it up!

I bought 2 tested focboxes couple months ago for a new build but that never came to be so these to bad boys has just been collecting dust! So I want to sell them to someone that can have better use for them!


I’m from Sweden EU so I will prioritize Eu buyers also because shipping is expansive as hell here.

Payment through PayPal’s business thing (you pay fee)

If not then use friend & family (not recommended)

Also pay in Swedish krona 100 euro each Excluding shipping

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Plus 11% off code. Takes it down to about 105€ each with free shipping.


Oh didnt know, have been off for a while

Good price! What website is this?

It’s enertion!


Still for sale? If yes, what do you think from 100euro’s incl shipping to Belgium?

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Code ? What code?

When you leave with items in your shopping cart you get a discount code like one day later.

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The lowest kind of bait marketing, makes me feel ill.

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11% off Y34Rdf

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Still have?