2 Flipsky 6.6 FSESCs w/ Heatsink, 190$ Shipped & taxed

I don’t work for flipsky, but this has to be a pretty good deal. They’re in theory offering buy one get on free on any 6.6 FSESC, meaning you can get the heatsink one for $155, ship it for another 20 and tax for another 20 for a super cheap dual 6.6 setup.

Source: https://flipsky.net/ (You must click on “FLIPSKY” on the navbar if the deal dosen’t show up)


I just saw this on Facebook before. It’s so bloody tempting. The problem is I’ve seen lots of people having problems with the 6.6s. Mostly over current on acceleration or braking


I have them in my MTB build now, high acceleration and good hillclimb and no breakage yet, wouldn’t shill a product i wasn’t using :smiley:

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Got no current or acceleration on any of the 6.6s ive tried but they all shared the same voltage reading error.

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Yeah I’ve heard of that one too. Apparently some issues can be fixed by running the no hw limits version, even flipsky recommend it

Mine came with that FW loaded

Weird, that’s probably why you get no faults

i thought they come with the no limit fw. I also have two and they both had the no limit fw. never changed it.

Yeah both of the ones i installed last week had the firmware people recommend loading on it.

It still read like 2V and 30V what do i know, cut out once.

I do not see the tax option. I just see Method Shipping 4PX · $35.50

Shipping to the UK was $20, and I ordered dual 6.6s and got taxed £16 before so thats where I got the prices

Ok. Not suitable data for my country then. Customs here are a nightmare

Yeah that would only work for UK and your case maybe, i got taxes 2x40 Euro.

Its 15.00 for the US but do you just put one in your cart or do you do 2 cause it doesn’t say nor is there a code for it.