2 FOCBOX (vesc-x) for sale

Hey Guys

I bought 2 VESCs from enertion but dont need them anymore, because i bought a complete eboard.

My first idea was to give them back, but why not give it to one of you. So, if you like send me a message.

They are brand new and absolutly unused. Including warranty.

130€ each.

I live in germany, so you can get them in 2 days without any problems with the customs (it took them around 2 weeks to arrive here…)

All the best Stefan


I’m not interested. But the first question people will ask is if it is a pre-trademark FOCBOX, or just a plain VESC. Post Pics.

And price…

Definetly a Post-FocBox, its got the brand new matte plastic case. Not the shiny blank one.

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is that a good or bad thing?

Good :slight_smile: Sent you a message…

Guys… i thought it would be a good idea to help you to get a brand new vesc as fast and cheap as posible, but most of you try to get them from me for a price where i lose money.

So… if somebody really want them for 130€ each send me a mail… if not i send them back to enertion on saturday and say good luck for you!

130 euro sounds plenty fair stay firm my friend

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130€ = $154.12 USD at the moment.

Enertion sells them for $159.38 USD. Not too much of a savings for the buyer so I recommend you getting a refund from Enertion in the next few days. People here will always want something for lower cost than a seller wants to make.

Ahhhhh I didn’t do the conversion whoops

Also, there is a EU group buy currently running, you can get one for as low as 122€ although one or two weeks later.

I think 130€ is still very good price for FOCBOX in EU. I offered @driver 135€ shipped but didn’t hear back so I got in the group buy…

Dude… you didnt answer me for some time… so i go to sleep…

By the way: 1 VESC left

Shipping in the EU: 9€ not trackable 14€ trackable

All gone, thanks guys! you are the best!

Hello i need one please


I’m selling one here if you like: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/eu-eskate-components-for-sale-focbox-motor-deck-enclosure-wheel-pulley-mini-remote-83mm-wheels-caliber-ii-50-motor-mount/103049

I need one FOCBoX … Again. Have you yet???