2 motors on 1 esc

We all know that this is generally a no-no, but I did a little experiment.

Two unsensored bldc motors (same model/size/kv) to one unsensored esc worked when unloaded, but there was excessive heat and differences in rpm when run under load, which makes sense.

WHAT IF we tried one sensored motor and one unsensored motor connected to a sensored esc? If I had these parts on hand, I would’ve tried this already. The unsensored motor (in a sense, the slave motor) should spin at nearly the same rpm as the sensored motor, even under load, if the load is evenly distributed.

I cant see how this could ever possibly work. I’m all for experiments and doing things different don’t get me wrong.

but for the phase signalling to work. as soon as you take a slight curve the motors will be out of phase and the signalling wont work.

having said that I’m really interested to see someone try and report back results.

That is exactly the case for 2 unsensored motors connected to an unsensored esc under load.