2 motors too close together?

Today I discovered an interesting detail I’ve never seen before, my motors lost some paint

check out before and after pictures:

First I was wtf happend there, they were not touching so this can only be caused by current I guess.

Ok what does this mean and is this a problem?

  • chance of loosing power?
  • chance of damaging the motors?

How can I prevent this, cover with electrical tape?

Do I need a wider truck for this setup?

How close are these motors on the Raptor 1?

I’m waiting for someone to explain what exactly happened here?

Interesting I’ve never heard of this.

I feel like something just scratched it up?

the paint is removed very clean edged and complete symetric, nothing can scratch this so perfectly, have to be current

it would have to be abrasion as how would current remove paint You’d have to have a short or something somewhere in the motor for starters and that would cause other problems not missing paint. I bet the mounts move a bit under load. maybe stick some tape in there and see what happens to it.

maybe a stick got wedged in there for a short time.

Maybe the mounts flex under load.

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If that is the case, then you should use a horizontal beam to keep them at fixed distance apart. something like @unik double motor mount. http://www.unikboards.com/en/boutique/support-dual-moteur-mount-caliber/ Or similar to how the trampa motors have the horizontal supports.

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You are using 12mm belts right? I am using 9mm belts which I believe are also used in the raptor setup. My R-specs are about 10mm apart … strange abrasion anyway!?

ok I see nobody believes in the “current” theory, so I’ll do my best do prove this, maybe repaint and film it if possible, I wanna know what happens.

I used 9mm belt before and upgrade to 15mm