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I am picking an enclosure, and i was wondering if anyone knew how much clearance i need? I was also wondering if anyone can share the vesc sttings for a 6374 keda 190kv motor. Thanks

Clearance depends on different factors… What deck? What trucks? Which motor('s)?, I’d belt drive, what kind of mount? What wheel size?

Generally is say the height of the enclosure should not go beyond 4 centimeters, and stay about 3cm away from motor and trucks…


Here is as close as I dare.


I don’t think brand matters that much. I use default for TB and Maytech 6374 and they were fine. :grinning:

clearance from ground

is that about an inch?

The photo of the board sitting right way up, the distance from the ground is more than 2" If you compare it to the wheels which are 90mm you will be able to gauge it. Remember that the sides of the enclosure will become closer to the ground as you turn.

I have bens enclosure for the landyachtz evo, also I am using wedged risers 13-7mm with the high side to the inside of the board. I have with 83mm wheels enough clearance - about 4 cm+.

Since the board is very stiff and holds my 90kg, I don’t have any problems with small curbs.

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OK thanks a lot