(2 Rides) Wednesday the 11th Group ride in Irvine, CA 1st one kicks off at 6pm

hey guy’s i’m planning a group ride for wednesday the 11th all the information is in the pictures let me know if you have any questions please be aware there is a 10mile ride and then a 15mile ride so please attend the appropriate ride otherwise you might end up kicking :frowning:




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Nice. Might go to this. What kind of route is this? Like bike paths trails or street. You should see if there is any 7/11 along the way for some slurpees lol


Bike Paths :slight_smile:

In San Francisco till the 15th. :weary:

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Driving up to SF on Friday morning see you there man :slight_smile:

hey guys regarding the ride tomorrow i’m changing the meet up space as @⁨Justin Yee⁩ the local recommends to move it to Bill Barber Park: 4 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606

sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused its has a better parking situation and charging situation

@anorak234 @DevoCut @LEVer @Exiledd_Top @mccloed @Mikenopolis @psychotiller @Titoxd10001 @thisguyhere


Got a board with you up there? Love the Bay Area views on their rides. This is their telegram https://t.me/bayeriders

Sure do! Not much time to ride, though.

Hey all! Any rides planned for Irvine or anywhere this coming weekend? Had tons of fun at that first ride in Irvine! :slight_smile: I don’t mind driving back out from the Inland Empire again haha :rofl: