2 vescs 4.12 not working

I am selling two vescs which are NOT working. One appears to need a new DRV chip and the other one had a short of the uart port. Thy are both HW 4.12 with bootloaders. One was purchased from DIY and the other from APS. Asking $80 OBO plus $7 shipping for :us:. Also contact me if you could do the repairs on them please :wink:

@ThermalM16 he fixed my VESC

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@MannyM0E thanks for the mention

@Trdolan03 I do repair those, and I also offer discounts for doing more than one at a time

@ThermalM16 What are we talking in repair costs?

Ill give you 40 for 2

@Blacksheep Meet me at $60?

It’s usually $50 each, but depending on what all needs to be replaced I can discount between $10-$20 off for doing both together