2 WD, dual 6355 vs single 63110

Hi everyone, I am planing my first ESK8 and don’t have any knowledge about it so far. I am wondering if it make sense to go with a single 63110 motor (dual shaft) instead of 2 times 6355. I could safe one VESC and should have same performance.

BUT what about riding? Going straight shouldn’t be an issue. But cornering could be tricky, like a car with locked differential, since both wheels will have the same speed all the time. But during cornering the outer Wheel should spin faster then the inner one…

This is link to that new kind of motor design: https://eskating.eu/product/electric-skateboard-single-motor-dual-shaft-63110-190kv/

Please share your thoughts about that concept.

You’d need an extra-beefy vesc, maybe a FOCBOX, AXLE, or Ollin v1.1,1 etc to supply enough power to run that monster. Twice the motor, twice the power, twice the vesc. That would cut down on the cost savings.

You’d likely wear out the rear tires more quickly too, since one would always be dragging/skidding with any sort of turn.

I personally wouldn’t do it, dual motor is just more reliable, less stressed, and more flexible.

I think that motor would be excellent for a scooter or other vehicle with just one drive wheel and higher power demands than a 6374 can supply.

Yo Luuke. I’m not sure about the difference between the motors , how ever with regards to turning , when leaning from side to side on the board look at how you trucks move. Say you want to turn left , when you lean the board you will see that the two wheels on the left side move towards each other and the other two wheels on the right move away from each other and vie versa. Kinda like how a some monster trucks turn. So I wouldn’t really worry about it.

Turning radius is still a thing, even when the axles move.

@MysticalDork is correct here, the wheels will wear out and it will be a really strange ride. There will always be a weird pull when turning. The only way to properly execute this is to engineer a one way bearing or differential type of mechanism so one wheel can spin faster than the other, like Carvon has done with the EXO or something like that

@MysticalDork: Powerfull VESC and/or massive cooling is needed, thats true. Do you think it the impact of the skidding is high? So will it be more unstable, caused by less grip?

@WizardBoy: Excactly, because of that movement of the trucks you have diffrent speeds on the inner and outer wheel. But if that is locked by one single drive connected to both wheels?!

Lol… I totally agree but is the wear on the wheel that much of a difference over a short period of time tho… Unless you are power sliding the board.

The point of a dual setup is not just motor power. One of the problems is belt slippage - with a motor too powerful you will just have teeth skipping. A 6374 is already plenty powerful…

But I’d like to see someone actually do a single motor for two wheels - I doubt it will be very noticeable as the distance between wheels is so snall. It’s not like a car

This is why it is a 2WD. So you have two belts. So performace should be like two times 6355 motors.

My decision will be 1x 6374 or that 63110 with dual drive. Independent dual drive with 2 motors, 2 VESCs is not an option for me cause of the high costs.

What is the difference in spec of the two motors?

63110: 190 KV 4500 W 0.053 Ohm 90 A

6374: 190 KV 3550 W 0.0402 Ohm 70 A

SHO…!! That is quite a diff.

It won’t affect grip in a straight line, but it will have an effect in turns. You’ll either be dragging the outer wheel, or if you have enough grip, it might cause belt slipping. Either way, it’ll cause wear on either the wheel or the belt. I’d go with a single 6355 or 74 and upgrade to a dual 6355 setup later. Once you go dual you never go back.

I have recently built a single 6374 board and after riding it for a week or so i would advise going for dual 6355.

I say this cause im a big guy (320lbs) and i can apply a lot of pressure to my wheels, however even at my weight when i want to go up hills in the wet i cant stop the drive wheel spinning up. 6374 produces so much torque that its hard to put that down on the road. Dual motor means dual contact with the ground and dual 6355 would be more power than i have now, which is far more than a normal size person needs. i have ridden a boosted dual plus which is only 2000W total but it feels so much safer due to the dual drive

I actually might get another motor just to have dual drive even tho there is no way i need that much power.

Dual for sure if you’re using something like a focbox as that will most likely be your limiting factor. Like others have said 2wd is twice the traction and half the load on escs.

I’m thinking about going for 2wd with single motor. But I’m afraid of loosing traction while cornering.

You will lose traction

I think @PXSS had some good arguments for why a single motor on both wheels should NOT cause problems - I want you to try and report back.

In all my time on this forum I see the same arguments for wheels slipping and so on but nobody actually try it.

TLDR. A skateboard has a turning radius to width ratio of 8.4. Cars have a turn radius to width ratio of 3.25. The skip on your wheels would not be noticeable.

The best argument though, is that I know a kid at Georgia Tech who has tried it and it works. Nobody else here afaik has tried it and keep saying that it doesn’t work.

Take that however you want! :slight_smile:


Pls try the big single motor version. Do it for science.