2 white pieces on mini remote

do they matter? I opened it up and took them off. Was that a mistake?

if I had a dollar for every time you made a new thread about questions like this…

…i’d be a billionaire


couldn’t find an answer.

It’s just a pot for adjusting the trim

will it adjust the trim on my board if it was turned by accident or is it only for rc cars and stuff?

Look up how potentiometers work, then ill answer.

Yes it will adjust the trim. But it’s not important

So if I mistakenly moved it and can’t get it back will it affect the acceleration and speed of my board?

No. It adjusts the nuetral zone. Well at least that’s what mine does

Ok so no affect?

Nope. You will just find the board will keep slowly creeping along even when the throttle is at neutral. Then jut turn the knob until it stops

Yes it is important

Buddy im gonna put a lock on you asking questions until you get glued to the search function😉


In what way is it important?

You need those, put them back on. One is for the wheel and one is for the trigger.

Trim changes how much control he has over speed on this remote

What are you talking about? You don’t have the authority or power to lock anyones account.

I was joking…:joy: