2 x 5000 mAh 5s1p 40c + 6374-149kv + VESC

Hi !

So after lots of research and 1 post here one month ago i ended up with these pieces

Its a SK3 - 6374-149kv motor

Two 5000mAh 5S1P 40C batteries

And a remote @Michaelinvegas recomended me (Thnx)

And im willing to buy this trucks and their VESC at esk8.de

But i’m a bit confused with some points and some confirmations and corrections would be amazingly helpfull.

I live in a city on wich i might need to be able to go uphill sometimes , thats why i bougt this motor and batteries.

A: Will a 34 wheel pulley and a 14 motor pulley be okey to have good torque? B: With what you see in the picture of what i already have plus what i’m willing to order i’m i missing something? C: Wich set up would be best to be able to charge both batteries at the same time? D: Does the VESC alert me of the battery status or does it stop if the batteries are two low? E: How do i know how low the battery can get to be and still be safe? F: Any aditional recomendatio!?

If i see i can order these pieces i’ll do a nice video about the setup and all the problems i end up encountering during the process.

Thanks a lot to everyone who posted things in this forum, it has been super helpfull!

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A. with that motor you’re fine B. dont see a board other then that looks fine C. an imax b6v2 with a parallel charge board can charge both 5s batteries as if it was one big 5s battery. D. you can set up the vesc to a voltage you feel is safe and it will stop drawing at that voltage. E. its up to you really, some people will run it right down to 3.2V some will run it to 3.7 and call it a day. F. i would go abec over kegel, abecs have a lot of clones on the market so you can get any colour you want.


Looking good partner!

Don’t forget this to check your speed goals


And what @delta_19 said lol

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Thanks for the super quick reply !

I have made the order and will post the procedure progress asap i get everything i need to asamble it !

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I’v recieved everything i need!

I have some questions wich might be stupid but i need to clarify them.

I don’t understand how to get the motor pulley to rotate with the motor :confused:

This is what i have

I think that maybe i’m missing a part that fixes it from tomp to voton and forces the pulley to rotate with it?

Once i install the pulley i dont understand how to get it to rotate with the motor :frowning: A: What am i missing?

After that i need to understand the first steps i need to follow with my VESC.

B: Do i have to conect the bateries to it to configure it?

C: The cable that comes from it a side from the xt60 is to connect the reciever? Thanks!

You will need to dremel/grind/file a flat spot on the shaft. Then use a set screw and some loctite to keep the pulley on.

@lox897 i don’t completely understand what you mean.

I have to modify the motor piece so it has a flat area? how do i get the pulley to use that flat area?

Thanks everyone @delta_19 @Michaelinvegas maybe youy guys have and idea that could be helpfull!

The pulley is not containing a keyway or a set screw. You need to glue the pulley onto the shaft with the Loctite provided. To do that, everything needs to be aligned first (mount, motor, belt, wheels and wheel pulley installed). Like it’s showing in your foto.

Just apply Loctite to the motor pulley and let it dry for 24h. It’s rock solid! The pulley can be removed with a heat gun pointing away from the motor and heating just the pulley.

Wasn’t sure which pulley he had. Thanks for helping out.

Thanks a lot for everything! That makes a lot of sense and is way simpler !

Still looking good man…

Yeah Put a set screw in that thing before you go nowhere fast lol

You guys are amazing, i had no idea about what i was doing but thanks to this communitys help i was able to build this thing up!

Now i need to understand the bldc tool better, i was able to configure the remote and it to move and brake, but i’d like to change wich triger it usses to acelerate and brake. I’v made a short video to show you what i mean and by the way you’ll see what i’v already have!

Can anyone help? @Michaelinvegas i think you have the same remote, how did you set this up?

Hold the bind button when u switch on the hand remote

Oh I see … @RunPlayBack you have different remotes and know the settings… Can u step in and assist our brother @crucialhunter? Or anyone with the a similar set up…I know it’s simple

You should use channel 2 of the remote for the trigger. You seem to use another channel at the moment.

Perfect, this solved my issue ! Again! You and @Michaelinvegas are amazing

Where do i put the values of my battery in bldc tool? I’v put the motor values with the autodetection but dont know where to put the battery info?

You should fill in the voltage limits area at the bottom right of that screenshot. Battery cutoff start and end.

@lox897 is right. And please leave the other values unchanged. It normally leads only to issues if people change min/max input.

so, with two 5000mAh 5S1P 40C (link) in series which minimum input voltage and maximum input voltage should i set up? also the battery cut off start and end?

Thanks a lot! @elkick @lox897 @Michaelinvegas

Don’t change min. and max. input voltage! Only take these two:

Cut off start: 34.5 Cut off end: 31.0

These numbers are rather conservative, but a good start.