2 x 6374 black motors for sale UK

Up for grabs is a pair of 6374 motors that have been used for possibly 30-40 miles. No issues and pull like a train. 200kv extended sensor wires and phase wire. 4mm bullets. £100 the pair plus postage at cost to wherever you need. PayPal friends and family or please pay the fees. image image image


I’ve messaged Ben for these, not sure if I was first but just so everyone knows.


Still available? :slight_smile:

@bigben are they available?

I’ve been thinking of selling some motors so if yours have sold maybe I can get sell mine to this dude

Moon , what motors are you selling ?

Yep original ones are sold but I have a slightly more used set too. No probs with offering up yours though. Just trying to clear the decks a bit but no probs if the 2nd set don’t go.

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Yeah Ill create a thread later. Sell your stuff first :rofl::rofl:

Saul Goodman.:wink:

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Fill your boots, the 2nd set are gone! (as good as)

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Wow ok, who got them?

They’re off to Austria when I get them checked over.

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They are good/reliable motors ? :slight_smile:

Moon , please tell me they are 190kv 6374 , you live in London and they are cheap ?

That is a good price , I am old skool and prefer to drive round , see the stuff and pay and collect but you live other end of England . They will sell quickly at that price , if you lived in London I would drive round today and buy them , I am going to pass for the moment unless I can’t find anyone more local to me

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You got a pm :slight_smile:

For anyone that was interested, I am sorry I cannot them sell them as new. I just opened those box properly and inspected them.

1 motor has a broken magnet and the other spins a little weird

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Hi moon , I’m struggling to find anyone local to me , where did you buy those from ? Also any idea exactly what is wrong with yours , that exactly what the problem with mine is but I’ve ridden about 1000 miles on them

Do you think I can make one good motor from your two broken ones as I only need one


I bought them from a factory in China, I bought 4 motors 2 were good and the other 2 were dodgy. I had used them before and had similar experiences but that was a while ago. I have no clue whats wrong with mine apart from that one of the magnets in the motor is broken.

I am planning on getting some from directly from Maytech or SK3 Factory and I know those motors are rock solid.

I think you can, but at the same time I don’t think you will be fixing your problems. You could have more problems down the line

Yeah no probs , I know they aren’t the best but they are exactly what is on my kaly at the moment so would have liked to replace for the same , I am considering streetwing or turnigy 192 , do you have a link to where you got them from ?