2 X Focbox | unused and brand new with warranty | UK only

I’ve got 2 that arrived a few days ago brand new and haven’t been used. The warranty cannot be transfered. So I will be selling these for £200 excluding postage. Paid £260 all together so I’m losing a fair chunk but I’m happy to give these to the community. I’m sure someone will get good use out of these and enjoy them! Payal is prefered! :slight_smile: 20181110_105316

It is possible to transfer the warranty?

@DaniRc I would normally say yes as with any other products I normally purchase a warranty reciept is sent as well however I’m not sure how enertion does this so I would have to check! Thanks for bringing this up! If not then I will adjust the price accordingly! :slight_smile:

Let me know when yo know it

@CarlCollins works for enertion

@DaniRC will do! Unless someone on here replies sooner who knows as @moon mentioned, then I’ll let you know when I here back directly from enertion :slight_smile:

Perfect! Maybe @CarlCollins could help you

@onloop Jason

Warranty is not transferable, already asked its only on the Raptor board.

Thats what he told me.

@Lumaci Thanks for the info! I’ll adjust the price for you all!

Warranty is only transferable for Raptor 2 or 2.1 order (when it’s at pre-order status)

What’s the reason you can’t transfer warranty ?

I’ve emailed the support team and asked what they do in terms of returns and refunds, I know they also do store credit but preferably I’d like to get back what I paid for it! If they can only refund excluding warranty then I will set the price for everyone on here. However if they can refund me the full amount then I would probably go that route! Sorry to anyone for the confusion! I’ll keep this post updated!

Haven’t heard much back in the form of emails from enertion however I’ve decided to go forward with selling it on here and will do both focbox’s for £200. However as I’m losing out on a bit of money going this route I would ask if anyone chooses to buy them if they could pay for postage etc! I will update the main post for anyone else interested :slight_smile:

@L3chef Because FOCBOXes do not have serial numbers like Raptor 2 on it so it’s hard to identify which one belongs to which

@Ashley_Beaum1994 If you have platinum warranty on it then changing bullet connectors will not void it.

meaning we only need one guy with platinum warranty that can process all our warranty claims through him? :wink:


;D He would be breaking focboxes at record rates

Unfortunately I only have the 1 year instant replace warranty! :confused: Otherwise I would :slightly_smiling_face:

@Ashley_Beaum1994 1 year instant replacement warranty is actually platinum warranty, Default warranty is only 60 days for FOCBOX