2 x VESCs over can bus, one motor spinning only sometimes

Hey guys, I couldn’t find anyone with this problem. One of my motors only spins sometimes… Usually after I start gaining speed usually the second motor kicks in… SOmetimes it doesn’t kick in, sometimes it does… Seems once it starts spinning it will keep working unless I stop or slow down to a walk paste. Any help would be much appreciated. I am using the Torque VESCs…

You have done detection on both motors right? Are they sensored or sensorless? Any faults in terminal? More info would be great. Screen shots of your settings

Hard to evaluate without a video or something but prob diffrent dragforce on the motors. Enable traction control and they should spin evenly.

HI, thanks for the reply… Well I was having problems with detection on that faulty motor but then it went through… I redone it today to make sure everything is as it should and it went through detection with no problmes, I am using BLDC mode, sensorless. ERPM -+60 000, 2500w (for 2500w motors). I have no faults when streaming real time data. How do you enable traction control?


I see the traction control. Is it supposed to be on only for master or slave or both?

Think master is enough, wont hurt to do both tho :slight_smile:

Ok now the normally working motor stutters and then all of a sudden they both start spinning… .Obviously for some reason that other motor doesn’t want to start spinning right away… But the both work no problem, both vescs work no problem…

are you running hallsensors? Cause if theres too much drag they might be litle upset just starting from standstill. They should both be running without any problem if they are already spinning tho (i.e you got some speed with your foot first), no matter traction control, hall sensored or not

N sensors, BLDC only sensorless

OK, I switched the wires and now the before flawlessly working motor won’t go through detection (As I had problems with the other motor before) So I can assume my VESC is screwed and get a new one right? Also it happened to me twice today when riding, that even without using power, just pushing that the motor on the weird vesc would start braking all of a sudden… dangerous as hack…

Thanks for the time guys… sorry to bother, I should have tried that straight away

is it flashing red? then you have something wrong, type “faults” into the terminal in vesctool to see error report

True I should have looked… I have it on charging in my other room now… But I am going to buy a new VESC, I am not gonna risk my life with it. This is not just some bad setting, that motor randomly starts spinning, it randomly starts braking, it won’t go through motor detection most of the time… I am not using that suicidal VESC :slight_smile:

What battery do you have? Your battery max is higher than @skunk is

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I have 12s4p samsung 30q 15amps discharge (*4)

Dual motors. You need to split your max battery in 2. Same with regen

Since there’s no sensors. You need to spinn your motors before they will move by remote

Wow, you are right, how did that go pass me… thanks for the heads up… But still that VESC doesn’t even work by itself with the good motor… But thanks for telling me, I would be draining 2 times as much from the battery

They spin ok with that one VESC, not with the other… As I said it is doing crazy stuff and when I switch motors the other one is scrwewed so it has to be the vesc

It’s more that you will damage your battery with trying to pull more amps than it can handle