20-20 awg fuse wire

Anyone got extra nickel plated copper wire? I would need 1.5-2.5 meters. Found some in UK and USA, but shipping is outrageous

Where you at? Im in NZ got some spare 22 awg tinned copper wire from Remington industries


Hey I’m from Finland so it’s not next door directly. Any ideas how much shipping would be from NZ? Perhaps it could be shipped with a regular envelope?

Yes thanks @luuke but as I mentioned in OP the shipping is killing it. Would end up paying 3-4€ per 10cm wire

The problem with going thicker is at some point there just Is no point in the actual fuse if itll never blow

It should be about 2.7NZD

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Well that’s cheap. Could you sell me about 2 meters?

Yeah bro sure name a price, dm me your address and ill sort it

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