20 awg cable connectors

Any recommendations on cable connectors for 20 awg cables? I can’t find any 20 awg jst connectors they only seem to be 22awg+. Would those be okay?

Or should I use standard space connectors or bullets?

The cables are going to charger port and another cable going to on and off switch

this should help :slight_smile:

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and because life it too short to click and scroll here is the info: image

for search purposes: jst connector awg sizes


2 wire? I really like XT30.




battery pack balance leads maybe? or maybe BMS connections?

or this:

I really hope it’s this


Yeah I saw that but I figured I would let the meme play where it landed.

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@chaka i salute you sir and the commitment to never letting a meme opportunity pass you by :slight_smile:

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Haha cheers.

It’s for the on off switch, precabled to my build when I got it.

In my experience, crimping connectors onto thicker than ideal wires leads to the sheathing/insulation being cut. If the insulation is compromised the wires will be in danger of being broken at the crimp connector from flex bending/ect.


yea i don’t like the idea of crimping wires for esk8s. i mean, they do it for cars / motorcycles all the time but still.

i use these for small wires:


but you HAVE to use shrink tubing on them…

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I would agree with you on this but not for small gauge wires. It is important that we reinforce areas that see wire strain on small gauge wires. A properly crimped wire has the advantage of a collar to reduce wire strain.


When I solder small gauge wires and bullet connectors I inject some silicon into the heat shrink to keep the wires from bending and eventually breaking.

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was just about to mention almost the same as @chaka

I usually solder cables to the crimp connectors and use needle nose pliers to close the “arms” (or whatever they are called), then add some hot glue and then heat shrink to deal with strain relief.

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I love XT30


For low current stuff like charge port and power switch, I like 18awg with XT30. with some heat shrink it’s pretty robust. 18awg for wire strength, not ampacity.

If it’s 2 wire I prefer paired sheathed connectors. XT30 are pretty tiny and pretty robust. It feels better to me than micro deans or even deans, because of the way you solder it. XT30 also has decent retention strength.

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Gratuitious photo to show scale again