200 vedder sparkswitch for sale

So I ordered 200 sparkswitches from osh park (chakas 1.4 revision) they had a silk screeen issue and sent me an a whole extra 200 they’d come assembled with all smd components soldered for 28$ and with led switch for 35$ and an extra 5$ for a back mounted heatsink .

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Please Pm me :smiley:

So your going to have 400? Oh my :laughing:

I’ll have 200 for sale as the initial 200 were already planned with. I have to order the exra smd components. But the boards would come fully assembled. The switch would have to be connected through the hole you’re mounting it in. If necessary I can add xt90 connectors and awg10 wires but that’d be extra.

Just clamp everything with them at your base in Korea :smiley: Imagine fancy on/off LED switches everywhere!

“Soldier, open that gate!”

  • Sure Sir! pushesfancyledvedderswitch BOOOM FANCINESS! :monkey:

The Cringe is Real.

So what are you doing with the 200 defective boards? You say you already had plans for them, but how do we know we are not the ones buying the boards with the silkscreen issue?

Do you know what the silkscreen is or are you just assuming its an actual issue? The traces on the boards I just got are 100% fine but just to give peace of mind the silkscreen is the white lettering and descriptive part of the board. The initial “bad” ones are already mostly handed out to the people who wanted them. I can ship to the "US and Europe will find out prices today and hand carry them to anywhere in Korea

Ok thanks for clearing that up! I misunderstood your post

Here are the left over boards (Gau-8 round for scale) of the first batch incase anyone wants some raw boards they’ll be 5$ otherwise I’ll be ready to ship finished ones in about 2 weeks.