200Kv Hummie Hubs : Samsung 25r 10s3p : Build 2 : Dual Vesc

Hey guys, Im currently in the process of building my second build.

I have just bought a pair of 200Kv Hummie hubs and a brand new 10s3p from a new company.

I do realise on 10s this board will be ridiculously fast, and i will be testing it on 6s as well

I plan on limiting speed through BLDC somehow (RPM or something) if anyone can help me here id appreciate it

My parts will slowly start arriving over the next week or two and i will update the thread with pictures and building as it arrives. Also im not sure but i think these are the only 200kv Hummie hubs made? so will be interesting to see how they go. My daily commute is basically flat (max 7% grade hill)

Update : Im getting a gt2b mod remote from lach so i dont have to use a bulky gt2e

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Should be an interesting build :slight_smile: 10S on 200KV is spec’d for 70mph. 6S is about 40mph.

You can only lower amps on your VESC. Definitely, wondering how it turns out. Wonder how well your torque will be too.

Report back :wink:

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i should be getting the hubs in a week or two, can’t i limit rpm to limit speed?

you could limit the erpm but whats the point?

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I think you can limit motor amps in vesc config mate. It’s normally at 60 amps afaik. Setting it to less should mean less power.

What weight are you? If you hammer them hard and are heavy they will get pretty hot at 6s as I had a set and found I was too heavy at closer to 90kg. Very fast though.

100 kg with pack etc. No hills here tho

Go easy on the hard acceleration, wind is also a consideration. Keep a very close eye on them and you will be able to judge when they get too hot. I have a feeling you might be a little heavy for them, perhaps a 4x4 setup???

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I’m more interested in the rumored €250 Pack :wink:

I will see. I think they should be fine. I’m not stressing them too hard

I think 4wd is overkill for flats :joy::joy:

10s3p samsung 25r arrived today

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nice Ikea enclosure - but why is the battery so thick? The Ikea is like 4cm in height if I remember correctly and the battery should be just 2cm

Its a prototype design, needs to be changed abit, the BMS is ontop of the cells aswell as lots of foam padding and heat shrink, next samples will have bms in front making it abit longer

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@Maxid 10char

Just did some testing on the battery, is solid so far, currently running it with a single 6374 setup since hubs haven’t arrived yet

Hubs and seccond vesc arivving soon. Build should be ready soon

First ride last night, will post some photos and videos tonight, ERPM limit is at 40k right now, torque and braking seems fine i just need to see how hot they will get on my daily 2km ride to work