200kv Racestar 3.5mm bullet connectors 6pin JST sensor connector. (US Los Angeles)

Anyone interested in purchasing my 200kv motor or trade for a lower KV? I purchased 4S batteries x2 in series and currently running 8S but want to upgrade to 12s. After doing some reaserch I am reading 12s Setup might burn out my FOCBOX. I have about 7 miles on the motor. A few things to mention I replaced the stock connectors with 3.5mm bullet connectors and replaced the stock 5 pin plug sensor connector to the 6pin JST compatible with most VESC.

My Lipo charger only supports 4S this is why from a financial perspective it makes more sense to look for a lower KV motor rather than buying new batteries+ a Charger.

Make me an offer, if you are located near Los Angeles are I am willing to meet it would make things a lot easier.

Hey Mike, Before you ditch your motor, I suggest that you read this thread about true motor kv. It will explain how to test your motor using the BLDC tool to discover its true KV. You may find that your supposed 200kv motor is in reality much lower. Example: I have a pair of APS HEV 200KV 6374’s that when tested, where in reality only 174KV

Hey I 'm in LA too. north east!

whats the reason you want a different motor? what size motor is it?

I have a 149 6374 and 245kv 6364. for 12s or 8s.

Appreciate the heads up I will have to test this out!! What is the highest KV you have successfully run on 12S?

@saul Nice I’m in the 90022 I want to add more power and the only option I have due to my charger is 12S

Racerstar 5065 BRH5065

actually just switching to a 63mm from 50mm motor will add a bit more kick. especially up hill.

but 12s 149kv is really nice too. that was my first setup!

There is always the possibility of re terminating from Delta to wye, which would reduce your kv by 1.7… 117ish kv

@EastLosMike is it still for sale? Thank you

Yes I still have it haven’t had time to test the actual KV but PM me with an offer.

You only got one?

Yes only one.