2016 BOTY 🏆 Build Of The Year Vote

2016 was a pretty epic year in the Esk8 world. There was a dramatic increase in new products available, new vendors, and new builders. This forum has provided a great venue for showcasing our builds. Now that it’s 2017, I thought we could vote on a build of the year from 2016.

So obviously the build must have been completed in 2016, and documented on this forum. The BOTY should showcase unique innovation and creativity. I thought we could vote on the first five (5) builds that receive a full nomination, meaning a nomination with a second and a third. And you can’t nominate your yourself. Once we have five (5) full nominations, we’ll start a poll.

So I’ll start with a couple nominations for 2016 BOTY:

I nominate the Silver Sunrise build by @Glenn. This build is so awesome and unique:

And this one is obvious, a super clean, well documented build by @RunPlayBack that started the spud craze:



Besides all of mine of course :grinning:


Nice one! I’ll second the InMotion metal monster.

This is some really next level stuff! Fast, comfortable and a lot of power. Also, shoutout to @unik his little all-terrain beast and @whitepony his portable but yet powerful Jet spud build

That is a badass board…I’m torn now :slight_smile:


and this (if it has been completed)

aaand this!


Damn it, I forgot about all of those! All 3 are great, I would hate to have to decide this.

I know this, I’d sell your kidney for any of them. Not mine, but def yours :slight_smile:.

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I second @unik all terrain monster :slight_smile:

lol I’m selling 1 already to buy more parts let me keep the other lol

This is gonna be hard. They’re all great in their own ways. I would vote @Glenn silver sunrise, @whitepony jet spud, and @Kaly street carver but wouldn’t be able to decide which is the best.

Maybe have separate categories? e.g. mountain boards, regular longboards, small cruisers, etc.


another nice build I forgot about:

I’m sure there are other cool builds in the builds section that will get some votes if included in the poll


Is @Duffman’s build eligible? If so, he’s got my vote. I know he didn’t post his build here until February, 2017, but he did build and post this on the German esk8 forum in 2016. With his hot swappable battery system, next level VESC modding/abuse and slew of custom designed parts and electronics, and especially if you count his 4wd studded snow tire build, he pretty much ticks all the boxes for what I could possibly want in an eMTB build.


I second this. I think there should at least be 4 or 5 categories, like

  1. Best street board
  2. Best mountain board
  3. Best hybrid (street/all terrain) board
  4. Best budget board
  5. Most unique/unconventional board
  6. Best lighting scheme on a board
  7. Best “DIY” production board

So many sweet builds!

It looks like these builds have seconds, need a third for a full nomination: @Glenn’s silver sunrise @Monk’s InMotion @whitepony’s carbon jet spud @unik’s all terrain spud @Kaly’s street carve

If anyone thirds one of these, we will have the first nominee for BOTY.

Maybe we can roll this into the Esk8 Convention? Just a thought

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Is it me, I can’t find the best shoes category ?


I decided against categories because this is the best build award. Not best board, but the most innovating, creative, cutting edge, DIY build, on a builders forum. This can be applied to all board types.

@Michaelinvegas I was thinking a trophy or cookie could be presented at the convention.

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@Michaelinvegas any nominations? Seconds? Thirds?