2016 BOTY 🏆 Build Of The Year Vote

Brother, you won that hands down…give the man a prize :slight_smile:

Thanks man, but there are more “out-of-this-world-builds” better than mine, however none of them had so much love as mine :heart_eyes:

@Jedi so many good ones …

Def need to think abt that one…def a lot of mouth watering builds by some of our esk8 brothers out there

A great idea you have Master Jedi. So many amazing builds went down last year. This is gonna be really hard. We will have to search our feelings and use the force to locate the chosen one.


Maybe someone should make google form for submissions…

Take the top 5 … then put a poll out…voting till a certain day

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with the large number of great builds we should first have a sort of “suggestions round” where people can anonymously enter their favorites into the pool of candidates. Have this open for a couple days and then present the options to vote on in different categories.

Maybe we should break it up into categories. Best EMTB build Best Street build Etc.


@Maxid The “suggestions round” is the nominations… I nominate, you second, he thirds = a candidate for BOTY

Currently there are five builds with seconds, any of those need a third to get a full nomination. The first five (5) nominees get on the ballot. Then we’ll set up a poll to vote.

@Namasaki The category is Best Build, apply to any board you’d like

I don’t agree with that. People will not post their own builds if it is not anonymous. And without this we will end up with only the builds that people remembered the most and we will not get to the hidden gems.

I’ll third Silver Sunrise from @Glenn. I followed that epic build closely. I think it is phenominal!

Thank you @sprocket12

Congrats @Glenn you are the first candidate for BOTY

Think this build from @Toleg is sick as well (not finished I think, but sick none the less)

Thanks :slight_smile: @okp 's board. First to use jet spud with freebord biddings.

edit: sorry, no for his board on this forum … but i think lots f people know his work

Why not just post a link to board that you want to nominate (like we all have allready :slight_smile:) and then use likes to count the votes? Would be simple that way.

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Had no idea this was goin on but I’m truly humbled to have my build mentioned. Especially considering all the fantastic builds here. Finally getting to ride it has been a blast!

I have a few more that might be interesting.

the gaming clan build

The TRON build

The foam top caddillac suv build

the green hornet build

the not really about the florida gators build

I just realized I haven’t actually posted a build thread here in a while. Maybe I should go back and do that soon. and my blog hasn’t been updated either. I guess i’ve been too busy with instagram.


@longhairedboy You just need your own category. If we end up doing categories. Which it sounds like we’re not. :cry: Love the Tron build though!

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I think that there should be categories. People buy different cars just like people build different boards. Each board has something special about it too because that person built it to their liking so its really hard to chose.

Not sure how this got started but wanted to thank everyone for the votes. I have added a few things since the build but use the board quit offen. One of the things I added was an on and off switch. I put it where no one can find it.


Literally any of @whitepony’s builds. :trophy:

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