2018 AliExpress 11.11 Sale

Yes it has been highlighted here before, just to let fellow members here to know its just around the corner again this year to grab your goodies. :sunglasses: Personally, i’m thinking of upgrading my battery pack, will have to wait until 11.11 to see if its really cheap & worth it. What do you have in mind that worth buying then share it here.

Some article worth reading like this & this & this, Happy Shopping, Guys :grin:


hahahahaha wp @yuweng

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i’ve seen few dads here build for their kids, why DIY when you can buy it dirt cheap, found this & this :heart_eyes: Though you won’t get it at this price :sweat_smile: Most failures i’ve seen is the battery, just replace that single faulty 18650 & it’ll work again.

It’ll be a great Christmas gift for your sons, daughters, nephews, nieces too or may be even one for yourself :laughing:

Still haven’t made up my mind yet, looks like they are indeed few great deals there :sunglasses:


This one seems cheap, rest of the deals here


Donno if i wanna try the boosted board battery, rest of the deals here


Or try this new cell, rest of the deals here

Don’t buy any of them


The first have been tested and seemed ok if I remember. The rest are probs trash

There are many good feedbacks, you guys are getting me worried, to order or not to order :sweat_smile:



It might have the capacity but not high discharge



This guy totally recommends it, is it worth to take the risk :thinking:

Could be a fake review. Most sites are full of them

also think to take or not liitokala 21700:sleepy::sleepy:

Although honestly for like $50 maybe try it for science as a 12s1p and see how it goes. If it’s good but more

Sale is today i almost forgotten :sunglasses: grab your stuff before its too late :cowboy_hat_face:

Wait I thought it is tomorrow, today is 11/10

Sunday, 11 November 2018 (GMT+8) in China

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This pop-up on my google discover news feed, somewhat related i guess :sunglasses:

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