Here goes:

Due to some family issues, @Michaelinvegas has not been online for a while, and I am doing what I believe he would want us to do in this situation.

This thread will be detailing the progress and an open discussion about the 2018 Electric skateboard convention that I would like to host in my hometown of Pleasanton, California. When I first presented this idea, people seemed to be onboard because Pleasanton is right at the end of the BART line that spans the Bay Area, and it has plenty of facilities for us to use. Previously, I wanted to use the Ken Mercer Sports park and The Preserve for most of our events, however in doing research and after contacting the city for a little introduction to my idea (nothing has been approved yet, I’m working on it), I believe it is best to use another area at my disposal:


This area is huge, and it hosts hundreds of events every year, it’s been around for decades and is well known for car shows and of course, the Alameda County Fair. It is available for rent, with a permit and at a decent cost, but I believe it is an absolutely fantastic facility that would support tents from hundreds of vendors in the several large conference center buildings: Alameda-County-Fairground-1d8213a56-5a34-453c-b79b-255954bf9c56Alameda-County-Fairground-8

It also has something that may be of interest to those doing offroad racing: A dirt horse track! This surrounds the beautiful golf course, and is open for use if we rent the property (at extra cost).

I will however need funds and experts who are willing to help me, and I am working hard to get this rolling but any help from vendors who are willing to contribute or at least show up and rent a booth (I.e. @treenutter, @longhairedboy, @psychotiller, @oriol360, @PredatorBoards, etc. .) would be greatly appreciated. Let’s see this happen!

FOR THOSE WHO DIDN’T READ ALL OF THAT: The idea so far is simple: -Get sponsors from anywhere possible to rent Alameda County Fairgrounds for the weekend -Host during a weekend in July (I know it gets hot, but we can manage and the larger buildings ARE air conditioned) -Have access to the conference center so that vendors can display new technology and developments -Have a swap/trade area -Use one of the large (and well paved) parking lots for sprint competitions as well as loop track competitions -Use the horse racing track for off-road competition

I’m also thinking (in rough numbers at this time) Entrance Fee for General public: 20$/person 10$ if you’re a racer

Prizes for winning races are TBD Price for booths for vendors is TBD

Thoughts? Concerns? Questions? Willing to help? Let me know.

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EDIT: Attendance Lists

Ok I’ve made two roster lists, anyone clicking on these links can edit so please be honest and responsible. If you do not know things like the number of guests that you will bring, go ahead and write “idk”

VENDORS: @Alphamail @barajabali @longhairedboy @treenutter @psychotiller (etc)

GENERAL ATTENDANCE (Anyone other than vendors):


I request someone get working on the insurance/liabilities and waivers.

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I’ll see if I can get a booth down there. Might also have a handful of composite decks and other components I can throw in as prizes for the event…

ASAP. Wouldn’t even bother with the rest of it until that is settled.

Hi Guys,

I just got some news from @Michaelinvegas and it look like the event is still on, but he is waiting on some confirmation for the location and service


We are now going to make this the official esk8con topic!

Just an update:

With a few delays on the original esk8con area and date, we’ve decided to move the event! I’m still open to other options if people want to consider alternative locations, but I do truly believe that Pleasanton is the best place to host, and I will be contacting the city to start this thing! Anyone with:

  1. backgrounds in event planning
  2. a legal education
  3. any esk8 related interests or business
  4. a connection to this forum or its administrators in any way is welcome to join the effort! All help is appreciated

Pleasanton is a awesome place to host this event. I’ll definitely be there, I don’t think sf proper is a good idea, too much congestion and traffic.


M I C H A E L!


Tentative dates?

I’m in the key west third week of July.

I don’t want to put any dates out there until I hear back from the city on which dates are open. I sent out a few emails last night, any responses that I hear will be immidiately forwarded to this thread.


I am so in…in fact I know city people in Pleasanton if you guys need to network…

I want to point out there’s some hills for climbing right near the downtown and fairgrounds, along with some other great features of this place…perfectly accessible and situated for such an event and the bay area group had over 45 riders out at their last group ride, so there is no shortage of eskaters in the area…it is a prime location, melting California (skating) with Silicon Valley (technology) without actually being in the heart of the bull and traffic in the bay area…

Shoot me a pm with anything I can do to help…



@anorak234 Can we get a roaster for those interesting in attending so we can see the interest. An event like this needs at least 100 attendees. Are we looking at a 2 day weekend event?


RipTide is definitely interested!


Great idea, I’ll get a roster going. Also yes, 2 days seems reasonable.

@akhlut I have yet to hear back from the people who I contacted last night about when the event center is open, however given that I have a school-related event in august, and that the Alameda County Fair ends July 4th, I’d say its reasonable to conclude that this would take on a weekend near the end of July.

Ok I’ve made two roster lists, anyone clicking on these links can edit so please be honest and responsible. If you do not know things like the number of guests that you will bring, go ahead and write “idk”

VENDORS: @Alphamail @barajabali @longhairedboy @treenutter @psychotiller (etc)

GENERAL ATTENDANCE (Anyone other than vendors):


it was suggested to look at the shadow cliffs regional park in Pleasanton as a possible lower cost venue…

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I was looking into that as well, they have a great area that we could use for a hill-climbing competition. The only problem I can see with that is that it’s not close to any bart station, which makes it more difficult to access for riders in the bay.

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Very true, it’s over on Stanley which is also another great test as it’s a long highway with a bike trail between two cities…what about east Dublin near the Bart? There’s an entire new town there that might be interested in such a convention…fair grounds is the best but I bet it’s costly…that place is event central…