2018 ... innovations and trends

Im hoping to see gear drive becoming more affordable. (Not a lot, just a bit) or at least more opinions. cough cough surf-rodz tru ks More decks built for us. And PLEASE some kick surfrodz in the a$$ and make more adjustable baseplates. Or @Kug3lis get them made already i don’t care. Do want.


For me a big trend was the introduction of the new type of 120mm wheels by @MoeStooge with his rubberized street (50mm wide) and Race (63mm wide) versions. Setting the pace for the introduction of custom rubber wheels into Esk8boarding as a third option for urethane wheels and pneumatic tires.



The hummie deck. Hummies kickstarter. Hummie disappearing to join a hippy commune.


where is @Hummie s kickstarter?




God i want those wheels… I also want him to reproduce his trucks and sell some. Small batches. Do it.


Where indeed

This is hardly a trend buddy. Could you climb out of Moe’s ass for a few days please? It’s getting embarrassing.


Well obviously is not a trend for you ‘buddy’. Since this is a tread where they are asking for opinions, this is mine then. If you feel embarrassed, speak for yourself. I don’t see @Andy87, @Riako or @Skunk feeling like that for praising @MoeStooge’s wheel developments. Admiring someone elses work here is hardly ‘climbing on his ass’. I suggest you chill out and calm your anger. :wink:


@brenternet got ya… don´t take his words too close. It´s just how he is :rofl:


Almost like you Andy, for me it’s :

  • Fkn silent helical gear system by Jenso, since geare drive are so 2016 now (lol, also the 5:1 ratio in a mini shape)
  • Bergmeister 145mm pneumatic wheel, gorgeously made by Haggy (also air wheels on longboard setup, and in general solid full alloy CNC rims)
  • Dual ESCape in one heatsink case!
  • Elastomere Damper Upgrade for channel type trucks
  • Safe self-tensioning system (don’t know how to call it, like Haggy motor mount, or like ElectricBoardKorea)

For me also, it’s AWD (that I would test in a light eMTBoard setup at the beginning of 2k18, but then switch for a MAD Surfer… that I couldn’t make cause of the 4.20 esc and finally a change again my plans, but I will do it !).

For 2019 : We want dual VESC6 like 200A continue, like @ARetardedPillow 8080 enclosed sensored 10mm shaft (like the APS 8072 but realiable), more MTBoard stuff ! Mudgard, good new trucks, rims, strong trucks, GearDrive, awesome trucks, dampers innovation/spring, reliable trucks,1kW battery pack smaller and lighter…etc More events for sure ! (WheelGames 2018 waas so cool !!!)

Sorry, french translate barrier … it’s always hard to understand properly when it goes on in fun. But I think I get it ^^ Brent you are teasing a bit right ? (as usual no ?) Don’t say the same about me and Timo, I just like the amasing work and products :smile: I’m currius about how this rubber wheel feels :stuck_out_tongue:



Said the first person ever to drive a horseless carriage and we’ve been doing it ever since :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Shots fired!


I can’t, I have a mancrush on Timo as well :heart_eyes:


You sure @BoostedBuilder has made a direct drive? Couldn’t find anything, I think you got the name wrong.


Innovations for me would be

  1. dual motor vesc that is one board ie. Unity even though it hasnt shipped yet and the flipsky vesc despite some of there issues and QC.
  2. Esk8 renegade weekend
  3. geardrive/direct drive

I’d say it is. Moe’s wheels were sent out to members on this forum. If not a trend now, then 2019.

@treenutter creation of the best esk8 deck: the 44 and Xapham

Gear drives galore from diy to nowind to Kug3lis to Trampa to Kaly to nuttyjeff to Idea


I see it as this year of being the year of ESC’s (ESCape, Focbox Unity, Flipsky, Maytech, Diyeboard) and crediting the next year as being the year of drive trains (probably DD if TB and Carvon’s works out OK).

I don’t see gear drives going down until someone comes in and does mass production. Cost going down isn’t coming from anyone who isn’t a ManuVendor.

someone needs to come back and do a second run of these… take my money :V