20700'S on sale

Whilest pouting because LiIon Wholesale is out of stock on my favorite new NCR20700B’s I noticed these Lishen 20700’s are on sale for about half the price of the Sanyos.

Caveat that these are 2 year old cells and they are only 12A, but within those limitations that’s a 10S5P 60A 20Ah pack for $227.

For that kind of money I decided it was worth the risk.

As always, no association, just passing along a good deal.

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That’s risky. Please let us know how they turn out. :smiley:

will do… I’ll probably have the pack up and running in a couple of weeks.

Reporting back!

The bad news is they are not 20700’s as they advertised originally (they have since corrected), they are 21700’s. This required re-vamping my battery holders and I’m going to have to raise the trucks a little bit because I’m scraping bottom a bit too often for comfort.

The good news is they are perfectly good batteries in terms of capacity. I have 10S5P on a single motor (Tacon Bigfoot) running thanes and VESC6 and I have already taken them 18 miles on flat and wrapped up at 36.9v, which means I have more than half the capacity remaining.

I mathed out that in this configuration this is a 43 mile pack.

So this was well worth the $250, esp. if you’re looking for something cheap for your MTB build where size and weight don’t matter.


Wow that is a pretty great price for a large 21700 pack! I spent $250 on a 12S4P w/ Samsung 25R + 80A BMS and 3 A charger. (Nkon u-tabbed @€2.4) And I’m only expecting 20 miles of range so that doesn’t look half bad.