218mm Trucks / Dual REVERSE motor mounts EU/DE

-218mm Trucks

-Dual Reverse Motor mounts

I have 218mm with eskate.eu dual mounts!

i have 218mm trucks and motor mounts in stock, dispatched from the UK

218 mm trucks: https://street-wing.com/product/torqueboards-extended-218mm-caliber-ii-clone-trucks/

mounts: https://street-wing.com/product/street-wing-motor-mount/

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Sorry, I forgot to say, I need some REVERSE motor mounts.

those mounts can be mounted front or rear at any angle, they are completely adjustable

Works now!

Can u explain me why u charge the 218 so expensive? They are around 55€ in us and u want 120€ in uk? Do i miss something?

Regards Stefan

If your just buying a single set then shipping on top of that is $40 USD, so $105USD or €90 euro, then VAT on top of that so another €20. Grand total of €110.

But if you spend over $300USD the offer free shipping. Taking the price back down to €55, all you have to do is find 4 other people in the EU who want some tb218 trucks. Still gotta cover VAT though. but the total comes closer to €70 each.

They are cheaper than they will cost to import from the USA to the EU if you buy direct from TB,

When importing into the EU from USA I have to pay: shipping, Import Duty, VAT, Clearance charges and then I need to charge 20% on top of the price to pay the UK govt their VAT. That is before I even get into the costs of running a business in one of the most expensive cities on the planet.

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Ok. Was just for my interest and I can fully understand it.

Thanks. I maybe will order the next days. But The motor mounts are definitely not my style. Do u have mir information about the center to center? Max distance for reverse mont ect?

@Moros exactly right, but you forgot to add the customs clearance charge (or handling charge as it’s sometimes called) which is usually about £20-30 (depending on the courier) on top of that.

the trucks are $65 not $55.

And shipping is not free for international customers when spending more than $300 …

The center to center distance depends on where you mount the motor, these are very flexible mounts and will work with ABEC11 style wheels as well as AT pneumatics will a 60T gear on there.

Approx max center to center distance is 90mm

Not quite sure what information you are asking for here? Please let me know what you mean and I will do my best to answer :slight_smile:

I have only had that twice. Once they wanted double the price of what the package was worth so I told the driver to bugger off and keep it.
Was only worth €25, 1€ more than the vat free allowed price and he wanted me to pay him €45.

More often than not though my packages get sent to my local zollamt office for me to pick up and pay import cost there. With that I get charged no extra courier fee.

€55 not $.

Shipping is advertised as free for international customers, but I have just read the conditions and they exclude “Oversized items”. So I guess they just use that excuse to get out of having to give free shipping for pretty much anything they wanted.

Yes specially to calculate belt size and look how it Works out for reverse mount. In my case I need a Little bit more… 90-100 maybe.

i paid for my tb218 this: 60$ trucks + 40$ shipping + 17,11€ Zollgebühren

Boyyyy if you are all really fkd in Europe. Way to go liberals! :-1: (EU forum members now I understand all your complaints)