21grams cruiser | bustin bonsai 29' | caliber 155 | unik polaris 190kv & mount | 15/32t single | 12s2p | vesc

Here it goes, my little cruiser on steroids. 12S2P with AKASHA wheels.



Nice, are these batteries VTC6?

Sweet board. Like the case, very slick.

Is the carbon a shell around the 3d printed case and it stuck on or two loose pieces?

Perfect combination of carbon and 3D printed parts!

I love your spacers with embedded wiring and connectors.

Are you fine with this lonely cap? I’m getting better reliability and less heat with smaller but more caps -> less ESR…

yeah VTC6A; just wanted to gave them a try

thanks, it’s a 3D printed enclosure covered by one sheet of carbon fiber

thanks ! can’t wait to ride it - as of today, I’m riding with one cap; for like 1 year; it’s doing really fine

I love the carbon fiber reinforced 3d printed enclosure. Great idea!

The build looks amazing. Very clean. One thing though… do yourself a favor and replace those Khiro bushings! There so many better options

thanks mate; 12S2P will give me some great power on efficiency. Really for Khiro’s ? I tried a lot of them and I like the orange cone one; On all my Calibers, I change the cup for a riptide one; and change the 90A bushing for a Venom barrel and khiro cone; it’s the best feeling I found on the road at this time to mix these two.

I still need to remove the yellow barrel which is rubbish and put the usual setup : Venom Barrel/Khiro Cone - the riptide cup is already installed

Looking forward to hear what you think about them

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oops, sorry this song is gonna stay in your head for a long time ! that’s like… 10 years that I have not kickfliped a deck.


quick edit from sunday.


Hey, would you mind sharing the enclosure 3d file? Its sweet, i wanna make one!

Me too !!! 10 char

Where did you get the wheel pulley?

It is kegel pulley :wink: There are many vendors offering these or you can 3D print one yourself…there are a lot of 3D files on thingiverse…

Well that’s the one I did. 32T/AL7075.



Thanks @okp and @aigenic I was looking for a metal one.

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