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22/08 Demonstration in The Hague to legalize ESK8

The Hague Saturday August 22th 10:30 12:30 Facebook event: Website with all details (Dutch):

We will drive a route of 11km through The Hague under police guidance to create awareness for Light Electric Vehicles among the population, and to send a signal to local and national politics to make legalization possible.


  • helmet is required
  • we drive through the city slowly and neatly
  • remain behind the police at all times
  • Team captains ride with it, listen to them
  • signs with expressions allowed

NETHERLANDS ARE BEHIND Thanks to advances in technology, a series of new vehicles has emerged called LEVs, Light Electric Vehicles. Such as the electric scooter, electric skateboard, Onewheel and Monowheel. These electric vehicles are not children’s toys such as a Hoverboard, but are aimed at adult commuters and offer serious advantages such as very low energy consumption, no emissions, low purchase costs and most importantly: faster travel times!

Now a lot (uninsured) are driving around and risk a fine of 410 euros. Legalization has been around for years and could become a disaster with inspections, license plates and individual insurance policies. In Belgium - unlike in the Netherlands - it has been explicitly permitted to drive these vehicles on public roads since October 2016 and you are automatically insured regardless of the vehicle.


  • The possibility to insure light electric transportation. Insurers already want to offer this but are being stopped by the Ministry of I&W.

  • Allow light electric transport on the cycle path, with a maximum speed of 25 km / h. Just like the e-bike.

  • No type approval, or license plate obligation. There are so many types of vehicles that the RDW cannot handle this in terms of knowledge and manpower.

  • A minimum age from 16 years i.v.m. traffic insight and liability.

  • Helmet requirement for light electric vehicles: depending on the learning curve. Not for an electric scooter, but for balance vehicles such as electric skateboard and Onewheel.

ABOUT US represents the users and debates with political parties, insurers and news organizations about the issues and possible solutions regarding the legalization of PLEVs.

More information about the initiators:

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Our position paper:

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