22.2V LiPo discharged to 8.6V accidentally

Hello, i accidentally left my board on and it discharged the 2x3s 22.2v battery to 8.6v. Is there any possible and safe way to charge them back up or is it better to just throw them away?

If they are not puffy, charge them reaaaaaally slow and keep an eye on them. If they are swelling, throw them away. Otherwise charge them up and run them down to 3,6V a few times and see if a cell is drifting. If you´re lucky they are still working but lost capacity

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You could just go here and get some info. lol. :wink: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/lipo-22-2v-discharged-to-8v-help-on-discharge-cut-off/49402


You can resurrect them but it is tricky.

first of all: Charge slowly!!! second of all: you Need to watch the battery because now it can easily take fire! third: get the Charge going with some tricks… Most Balance charger will not let you Charge such a battery because of the unhealty under voltage. To still Charge it, just select analog power on your charger until it is in a chargable range

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It’s actually also my post but about a different problem.

Thank you all, but right now I only have the turnigy b6 charger that is automatic. I think I’ll order new batteries and a bms.

Do u think that this one is okay or too sketchy? It also says for Li-ion but can I still charge LiPo’s? 6s 50A BMS

The difference between LiPo and a LiIon BMS are the cutoffs. LiIon 2.5-4.2 LiPo 3.3-4.2

I think that 6S 50A is to less… i do not prefer 6S at all but if you go that route aim about 80-100A and give the bms some breathing room (>120A)

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OR Just bypass it and use only for charging and use vesc’s voltage cutoff.

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Yeah I think I’ll choose that. But is there any device such as a LiPo alarm but as a switch that turns the power out when the cells are too low(because i have a 5v adapter also connected and that would still draw power when xt90 loop is connected)?

Is this one good, if I’m bypassing discharging? It says for Li-Ion and Lipoly: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/6s-li-ion-10a-pcm.html

or this: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/6s-li-ion-pcm-charge-4a-discharge-10a.html?wrh_pdp=7

Nothing comes to mind. Just power of your board right away when you don’t use it. And first one looks fine.

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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