2200 Watt motor 170kv or 90kv - e-bike

i believe thise are handwind motor.

is there any real advantage?

presision and reliability i guess. I dont think it’s usful for personal ev per the price

Nice high end magnets, high temp. copper, Jap precision bearings, hardened axle shaft, hand would to max copper fill, dual keyway, filter disc, A4 stainless all the way through. Quality drives the price up, but these ones are very powerful and long lasting motors.


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i will start with cheaper component, if i will manage to brake them i will go for vesc 6 and tramp motor, right now i need to find a vesc to be delivered in UK without waiting for months and with good quality to support foc + sensored at 8/10s

if you’re on big wheels you want as low kv as possible. 90kv is good.

http://calc.esk8.today/ my calc will work for you, just find wheel size in mm. 700c(29") is about 622mm. 15/120 90kv 10s = 27 mph. pretty good.