22650 build theory

Just need a confirmation on my understanding.

12s3p 22650 battery Batteries using tested to 4100mah 30-31amp. Should be 12s 12300 mah 30-31amp.

12s4p 18650 battery Batteries listed at 3000mah 20 amp Should be 12s 12000 mah 20 amp.

So in theory the 22650 will take up just a little less room and have a small amount more mah and have a lot more amps given the scale.

Yes mAh. Sorry typing on my phone easier to just type mah…

Single stack sure… Double stack will def be added height most 18650 enclosure wont compensate for… Coming from some testing budget 21700 cells… Whats the weight difference? Thats the real kicker …weight for cost… My 12s5p budget pack is 3lb heavier than a compable 30q pack for capacity, about same size

I got the enclosure side taken care of. 12s3p will fit but I am just a bit off for 12s4p which is what I wanted. As to the weight? Well I am not the lightest guy out their myself… but I can weigh the lm tomorrow and compare.

So about 1200g or 3lbs more for a 12s3p 22650 to a 12s4p 18650. mAh will be close but the available amps will be higher.

Do you have metr? Or anything? Once I started tracking my draw its interesting to see what you need vs what you think you might draw… I have yet to break 80 amps on hard pulls… So available amps might be overkill is how I feel now a days…


I do, still building currently I have board trampa trucks, the vesc, trampa wand, motor mounts and pulleys on the way. Have to decide which battery configuration I want to use and which motors yet.

Motor are gonna be 6370 or bigger. Like I said I am not a small guy. I would assume amp draw would be a little higher for me. I weigh around 225 dressed. Quad gear and 6s batteries probably another 15 lbs. So close to 240. Figured the more available amps the better.

Either way I’m sure you’ll be good, at your weight it’ll probably come down to gearing a little bit more than available amps to get the weight moving more efficiently and for it to feel nice and snappy

Just one thought, isnt 20 amp from a 12s4p 18650 kinda low? I mean you can easily pull 60 amps from a 12s4p 30q pack?

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I think what he was quoting was individual cell output but the math didnt carry to assembled pack but I still got it… 80amp max on the 4p 30q or 90amp on the 3p 26650…


Yeah, just as i thought then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes sir. On the individuals. What I was trying for was 22650 at 12s4p but it would be tight.