23" Mini Electric Skateboard $850 AU

23" Canadian Maple Deck Very light 5.5kg/12lbs Top Speed 40km/h with 25-30km range. High Torque 12mm drive belt Alloy trucks with 70mm wheels. Bluetooth control Riders up to 100kg


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Could u provide more on specs? Thank you

Thats a nice little board kinda looks like a DIY version of this

It goes way too fast for the size of board IMO.

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8.8ah Samsung Batteries, 360KV motor, bluetooth control.

it has been tested up to 50km/h which was way to fast. I can be customized to 35km/h.

50km/h! in that tiny thing?! thats crazy. SYF!

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Yes that’s why we have limited to 40km/h. Even yet the rider dosent have to ride full throttle and ride at a comfortable speed for them. The speed is controlled by you.

that looks like a Bolt rip off

other then the fact that its black and orange not really,

sure its small but its got a huge case on the bottom bolt doesnt.

Incorrect. Other than the same length deck its completely different. Higher top speed and longer run time.

specs that cant be seen only experienced dont count, but yeah the board looks very little like the bolt.

It doesn’t matter what the specks are its a rip off of the concept of the Bolt and you’ve just taken the idea!

Sorry Chris but you are wrong. What your basically saying is that any other company that makes a small, light electric skateboard is a rip off of Bolt. Which is stupid as you can’t even purchase a Bolt.

Bolt integrates its electronics into the deck, this board has an entirely different setup.

The top speed of Bolt is 21km/h, if you want we can produce an OHMBOY that will hit 50km/h.

Bolt has a 10km range, we have a 20-30km range. (its hard to put a decent battery in bolts deck)

Other then the wood deck (how many other skateboards have wood decks)

and the orange wheels (maybe bolt is ripping off Orangatang orange wheels! :open_mouth: )

They are two completely different boards.

But I presume you walk around the world thinking every car is a rip off of Toyota.


I agree with @ohmboy

all eboards are going to be eboards… bolt didn’t patent the idea of “a small portable electric skateboard” so therefore anyone can make something similar.

Would you say an enertion raptor is a rip off boosted boards because it is the same size, and has dual motors?

or a rip off of Marbel because it has a carbon fiber deck with encased electronics?

The problem is that all eboards are going to have similarities… Just because one was made to do the same job (but better) doesn’t mean it’s a rip off from another.

Now, when someone copies something EXACTLY (like what happened when a guy made 100+ identical copies of torqueboard’s mount…) then I understand it is a rip off.

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Definitely interested, would love to see more pics of the bluetooth controllers, specs on charging times and shipping estimates to the U.S. I looked for your website and couldn’t find anything

Hi there,

This is a new product to the market and our website is currently being developed and should be online in the next month or so.

In regards to the charge time between 4-5 hours.

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