Hello I live in Norway and its soon wintertime, so I really need a car instead of my electric skateboard. Its used 5 times, so its like brand new. the setup is this:

10s lipo 5500mah DIY 230kv brushless motor DIY VESC DIY mounting kit Mini remote controller The board it selfs looks like a boosted. The covers for the battery and vesc is also bought at DIY I dont know about the price, but I am selling to the best offer. Not selling it below 1050 dollars.

I will post pictures when I get home from school. I also dont know what to do with shipping, The buyer will pay, but havent researched the price for this yet.

$9000 sound fair.

hahah, im sorry. 900* :slight_smile:

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I adjusted the title to make it a bit more clear. Good luck in selling your board!

Thank you, do you think 900 dollar is a fair price? thats allot less than I spent on it and its in brand new condition. should i sell it for more?

If you are talking USD than I think it should be a little more. I would say near $1000 is fair. (I didn’t gather prices for everything so I don’t know how much you spent)

i spent 1200-1300dollars, and spent some time on it soldering :slight_smile: Hope it will sell quickly^^

I would say $1050 is your price. When somone pays shipping it will be around $1150.

ok i will change the price to 1050 then :slight_smile:

Have you got any pictures and are you wanting to sell as complete

Hello, Yes i have pictures I will post in 2 hours, when i get home from school. Dosent matter, i can sell as parts, but depends on the price :slight_smile:

Ill be interested in mount and lipo if they are at a good price

you have to buy all the parts or the whole board, sorry :slight_smile:

You would be better off selling the parts and just keeping the deck. I would give it a day to see if there are any offers on the whole board and then just sell off the parts, more people will be interested.

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ok, I will see if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

I might be interested. Got some pictures of it?

Need some pictures mate!

sorry, i forgot i will post Pictures asap!

Pictures incoming