25% discount antisparkheaven.com


feel free to use the code TWENTYFIVE for 25% off your entire order at www.antisparkheaven.com It’s valid until Monday July 30th (3 days) and as long as stock lasts.

Thank you!

Best Fabio


oh man. did i seriously just miss this ):

Sold. Was gonna go with the eskating.eu switch, but yours looks MUCH more beefy.

Overkill is underrated right?

I’m moving in a month, so ship quick cause I couldn’t remember the address of my new place. :smile:

OMG I purchased 6 antispark switches before looking at this :frowning_face:

@nuttyjeff Ah sorry, I believe the free stuff in the package compensates it quite a bit :wink: @marsrover001 thank you! @Eboosted Thank you, I’m very grateful for that, this post is from yesterday, your order was 3 weeks ago, it’s not like I posted this minutes after… :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I know I was just messing around :wink:

Besides those switches are the best on the market so I don’t care about pricing

I went to purchase a switch and the code won’t work for me …say it not a discount code… today is the last day correct…how long does it take to ship to Canada

@Frenchy Code works again, sorry, it expired indeed too early today. Shipping to Canada takes 4-8 business days.